Get to know the list of perks RedLight gathered to make you happy.

We’re always doing our best to provide the best conditions for you, whether you’re working or just enjoying life.

Health & Family

💊 Health Insurance

We *literally* get you covered. We’ll include you in our company plans and help you upgrade from whatever coverage you currently have.

🍎 Free Fresh Amenities

Local produce from the market delivered to our office. Sweet & savory snacks for that extra boost are also available.

🍼 Extended Parental Leave

Your family is our family. Take care of your offsprings for another month on top of the legal term.

👶 Childcare Vouchers

Use our digital platform to autonomously create childcare vouchers.

Knowledge & Network

🎟 Conferences & Other Events

Don’t want to miss that big conference? That’s alright. We’ll fly you there, check you into a hotel and let you enjoy the mood, the conversations and talks at the event.

🎫 Workshops & MeetUps

Be it a workshop you want to go to or any particular meetup elsewhere, we’ll get you to the spot in local thriving communities.

📚 Books & Other Literature

We’re always growing our shared library. Request any technical book you need to perfect your trade. We’ll get it.

🎓 Agoges

Have access to internal workshops where knowledge is shared and nurtured.


🎧 Spotify Premium

Working to the sound of good tunes is always different. We’ll put music in your ears, we just don’t include headphones or speakers. But speaking of which…

🎁 Anniversary Amazon Gift Card

On your birthday to spend on whatever you want. No questions asked.

💰 Performance Bonus

We do peer reviews very often, which means your performance is not forgotten and shall be compensated with a token of gratitude.

🍽️ Meal Allowance

Access to a VISA® card that’s usable on every restaurant. Yes, even on UberEats.

And also:

🏝 Remote-first company;

Work from anywhere. We’ll provide up to €100/month for you to get a table at your local coworking space if you feel like it.

✈️ Team events

We love our BBQ sessions on our patio, but our preference goes to getting on a plane and discovering new places together.

💻 The shiniest toys

Are you a PC or a Mac person? It doesn’t matter. If you need a new working tool, we’ll equip you with the latest models, displays and whatever else you need to get your job done.

📡 Wi-fi Hotspot if needed

Stay in touch with the world with our hotspots. But just so you know, while on vacation, you really want to turn that thing off. :)

See our current job openings:

Site Reliability Engineer

We are seeking a talented Site Reliability Engineer with a strong background in cloud infrastructure and be experienced in implementing automation tools, monitoring, and deployment processes

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